Licence regulations for EOC data download

All rights reserved to EOC.
Every user is entitled to see this document, to copy, to print it or to forward it to other persons if we do not strictly point out in conjunction with certain remarks to this data or the document, under the following conditions:
It is not allowed to use the documents, data or drawings for commercial purposes. Each copy of these documents have to show this copyright declaration. EOC keeps all rights to revoke this authorization at any time whereupon all using of the data have to be stopped as soon as a written publication of EOC appears.

Contract assurance and renunciation

This publication will be at the disposal of all users without any guarantee regarding commercial competence, suitability for a certain purpose or non-break of contracts.
EOC does not assume any responsibility for possible errors or failings in these or other documents or documents to which we refer. Information regarding other companies their services as well as their products will be at the disposal of all users free of charge and without any guarantee.
EOC does not assume any responsibility for subsequent damages, direct or non-direct, damages of use-loss, data-loss or profit-loss resulting of the using of this document.
This publication contains technical features (drawings/ data sheets) which can have inaccuracy or typing errors.
EOC reserves the right to change the published information or to add new products without any previous announcement. The modifications are carried out irregular and included in this publication.
EOC is allowed - at any time- to make improvements or modifications of the products or the program, which are described in this program.
Statements, information, data, questions, notes, remarks, etc. from you or other users regarding the contents of this publication cannot be handled confidential and EOC can publish, copy, use or distribute these statements without any limitation.
The user of this program agrees that EOC is allowed to use all ideas and technologies for all purposes, which are included in your statement, including but not exclusive developments, production and marketing of products using such ideas, drafts and technologies.
This publication will be distributed world-wide and will probably contain information regarding EOC products, services as well as programs which are not known in certain countries. Please consider this not as comment that EOC will distribute such products, services or programs in your country now or in the future.

This license contract is accepted from you by using the EOC Normalien GmbH & Co. KG data.